Physical & Mental Strength

Prepare physically, mentally, and spiritually for the known and unknown challenges associated with life, sport, and profession. Learn how to train your entire body and reach peak levels of physical conditioning.

  • Effective unconventional physical training methods
  • Sound principles of exercise science and periodization
  • Proper application of progressive overload for long-term progress and injury prevention
  • Proven mental skills utilized by America's elite warfighters
  • Top Tier mindset development techniques designed to enhance performance


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Learn the performance enhancement strategies and mental skills used by Navy SEALs to reach peak performance levels.

Each week you will receive training by Coach C, a retired Navy SEAL with 22 years in special operations, covering...

Purpose - Discover the proven process taught to aspiring Navy SEALs of how to develop the mindset and fighting spirit needed to tackle challenges and overcome adversity.

Preparation - Learn the proven formula elite warfighters use for optimal readiness and performance. More specifically, how to condition your body, sharpen your mind, and strengthen your fighting spirit to address the known and unknown challenges associated with life and profession.

Performance- Attain the systematic process of optimal performance under stress and how to leverage the same tools utilized in special operations to perform to your true potential under stress.

  • Fee - $30.00/per person
  • Package rate available based on request
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Physical Training & Conditioning Services

Athletes - Train speed, agility, quickness, functional strength, endurance, and work capacity, safely and efficiently to help drive athletic performance both physically and mentally.

Individuals of all ability levels - Strengthen and condition the entire body in a balanced fashion to develop transferable strength and fitness safely and for the purpose of longevity and functionality.

  • Individual Private Sessions- $100.00/hour per person
  • Group sessions available based on request

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