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To request a refund you must fill out a request form and contact Madie Nitsch at madie@thefarmball.net

The Farm System has set the following guidelines on refunds:

  • To request a refund for any program, participants must fill out a Refund Request Form. This will then be reviewed where a decision will be made as to whether to move forward with the refund and how much of the cost will be refunded.
  • Refunds will be considered and assessed for the following reasons
    • Injury
    • Moving
      • Proof of injury and moving will be need to consider the refund
  • Refunds will not be assessed due to the following:
    • Team assignment
    • If a child is removed from the program for behavior rules violations, no credits or refunds will be issued
    • “NO SHOWS” will be charged the full amount for any event not attended without a 24-Hour cancellation notice. A “no show” is defined as a moment when a member/athlete has a scheduled time for an “event” and does not show up for that event.  If the member/athlete has prepaid for a package of lessons or rentals, the “no show” will count against the remaining number of lessons or rentals.
  • Requests made less than 3 days before program start date will receive a half the amount back or a credit.
  • Requests made 4 or more days before program start date receive a full refund or credit.
  • Requests made after program start date will only be refunded a prorated portion of the fee for medical, relocation or military reasons.
  • If the initial registration was paid for by credit card, the refund will be processed back to that same credit card.
  • If initial registration was paid by cash or check, a check will be issued to the member information on record.
  • If initial registration was paid by a credit, the same credit will be placed on the account.
  • Credit can be added to a member’s account and be applied to next season of league play, memberships, clinics, camps, and/or lessons. Zero credit can be applied towards rentals, and/or merchandise.

Refund Policy for Merchandise: No refunds on anything after 30 days and with no receipt. If an item is damaged, return will NOT be accepted.

Anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult in order to use space outside of lessons, team practice, or clinics.

For assistance on changing a program that you signed up for please contact Madie Nitsch at madie@thefarmball.net or (847) 372-5417.

Please click here to fill our our Rental Request Form. We will contact you once that is completed. 

Must be members, or a paid guest of a member in order to use the facility. Must check the calendar for availability. Turf space must be reserved in advance and basketball court is open during specific hours.

Please click on our “Contact Us” page to see who to contract and how to contact that person.

921 Sherwood Drive, Lake Bluff, IL 60044

  • Only water and sports drinks in sealable, non-breakable containers are allowed
    in the facility. Food is not allowed. No chewing gum, chewing tobacco, or seeds permitted in the facility.
  • exercise at your own risk
  • All guests must read and sign the waiver 
  • You are responsible for the behavior of your guests.
  • Clean athletic clothing and non-marking athletic shoes are required while using
    the equipment
  • Use all the equipment as intended, and follow posted instructions.
  • Equipment should not be removed from the Athletic Facility.
  • Hanging on the basketball rims or nets is not permitted.
  • Participants may not take the field/gym until their rental time begins. Set up and take down time is included in the rental time. The field and gym must be left in the same condition as at the start of rental.
  • No outside shoes allowed. Turf and gym shoes are only allowed. 
  • All minors (including not participating) must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Teams or rentals will be asked to leave if there are unsupervised children.
  • No spitting 
  • No smoking inside the facility or on the premises.
  • No alcoholic beverages on the premises. No glass containers.
  • Pets are not permitted in the facility.

We reserve the right to refuse play and or service to anyone.

  • All members, athletes, and clients  of The Farm System are expected to respect other members, athletes, clients, and The Farm System employees. We will not allow for any kind of discriminatory behavior, harassment or victimization.
  • Exercise proper sportsmanship. This includes refraining from the use of derogatory terms in relation to race, religion, sexual orientation, and/or gender expression. Refrain from any activity that could be considered as bullying, harassment, hazing, and/or intimidation.
  • Conduct yourself in a dignified manner relating to emotions, language, attitude and actions.
  • Members, athletes, and clients are prohibited from using alcohol, drugs and tobacco in The Farm System and all Farm System events. 
  • Members and athletes are prohibited from making inappropriate or unwanted physical, verbal or sexual advances on other athletes, members, clients or employees.  
  • All members, athletes, and clients will learn and follow the rules of The Farm System.  
  • Fighting with other members, athletes, clients, and/or employees by using words or a physical altercation will result in suspension from the facility and/or expulsion completely from the Farm System. 
  • Inappropriate usage of phones or any recording device will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disciplinary action.
  • Theft and vandalism will not be tolerated at The Farm System 


Illegal, unlawful and harmful behavior toward athletes, other employees, and/or families on the part of the employee will not be tolerated by The Farm System.  Failure to comply may result in disciplinary actions which may include up to expulsion with or without warning from the facility. No refunds will be considered if a suspension of expulsion occurs.


For general questions, contact info@thefarmball.net.

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